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Drains Installation in Sonoma County

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We install and replace drains in Sonoma County

DeJusto Plumbing provides customers with high-grade drain installation services for projects of all sizes. It is vital to hire a plumber who understands your water needs, local codes, and the best drains for your money, from whole house remodels to small upgrades.

Quick fixes will invariably cause you to spend more money on repairs and lead to more stress in the long run. With DeJusto Plumbing, our expert drain installation in Santa Rosa, CA is designed to make life easier, providing long-lasting, durable results.

When is it time to replace your drain?

While we’ll always try to repair drains and sewer lines first, there does come a day when a drain will need to be replaced. Sometimes it’s natural causes, like when a drain is too old and damaged to be worth repairing. Sometimes it’s caused something on your property or that’s endemic to your area, like intrusive tree roots.

Common signs that it’s time to install a new drain:

  • If your home is 50 years old or older (or you don’t know when the drains were last replaced)
  • If you’ve had the same drain problems repeatedly for several months (or years)
  • If your water fixtures are backing up with water from another fixture on the same floor
  • If you see clogs despite not flushing anything harmful down the drain
  • If your property has or is near a large tree (will require inspection)

Better Work - Done Faster!

Don’t just call any plumber… Call a 5-star rated expert plumber! You’ll pay the same rates or less than other plumbers charge, and you get better work – done faster!

Why DeJusto?

Emergency Services

Available around the clock for all plumbing emergencies.
Recieve help the same day


Proudly maintaining a 5-star rating on Google with decades of satisfied customers. (20 years in business)


Utilizing the best tools and technology for precise and durable plumbing solutions.
We use top quality tools, cameras, and machines to deliver better work – done faster! We also use a special O-ring tool that reduces any fire risk.


Competitive pricing without compromising on quality or speed.
You’ll pay the same rates or less than other plumbers charge, and get better work done quickly and efficiently.

Customer Service from the Owner

Direct access to the owner for every call, ensuring personal attention and customer satisfaction.

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tankless water heater installation done correctly by dejusto plumbing
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Darren Carver
Darren Carver
DeJusto plumbing was on time, polite and experienced. He was able to help me fix my reverse osmosis issues, washer connections and main house valve replacement. He also explained the servicing as he went along which helped me understand what needed to be done to fix my plumbing.
James Kirk
James Kirk
Mike has done a great job helping us with a variety of plumbing problems over the years. He responds quickly to calls and when he does a job you know it is done well. We really appreciate his work ethic.
Jake Fowler
Jake Fowler
Was able to help quickly, extremely knowledgable on all things plumbing, and very fair pricing! Thank you!
Rick Williams
Rick Williams
fast, reliable repair on my tankless water heater. I would highly recommend Dejusto Plumbing. Excellent work, fast service with very fair pricing. 5 Stars !!!!
Mac CD245
Mac CD245
Totally an above and beyond professional. Found a leak in our main water line, gave us multiple options for fixing it, and was honest and fairly priced. Would definitely recommend.
Sandra McNevin
Sandra McNevin
So happy I called Dejusto Plumbing (Michael) he knew exactly what the problem was with my plumbing. He is friendly and very knowledgeable and gave me a few tips on other plumbing issues. And he was on time! I would definitely recommend his business.
Charles Cowen
Charles Cowen
Mike has become our go-to plumber since he has greatly improved the drain in our shower, unplugged several sink drains, installed a new faucet for the kitchen and bathroom, plus installed a hot water recirculation system. Very pleased with everything. Honest, competent, punctual and good communicator. I think anyone would be happy with his work.
Heather Bird
Heather Bird
Mike is everything you'd hope for in a person as essential as a skilled plumber. He is totally reliable, experienced, concerned, efficient, and a genuinely great guy. He has fixed our water heater, repaired poorly installed and leaky bathroom vanity plumbing, and (most excitingly for us!) plumbed in a very easy to operate laundry to landscape grey water system from our washing machine. We love that we are putting water back into our land and not into the sewer/water treatment system when we wash our clothes. I highly recommend Mike to fix existing plumbing & appliances, as well as to install new plumbing, appliances, and grey water systems. Mike DeJusto is the best plumber around!
Anna Marika Aiona Ramsden
Anna Marika Aiona Ramsden
If there was a superhero plumbing action man, Mike has my vote. He truly is the superman of the plumbing world! I'm so grateful for the time he took to address all the issues at our house. In the short time he was working, I learned so much from him. We had a leaking toilet, kitchen sink and blocked drainage from our washing machine. He fixed everything and left each area he had been working cleaner and in better shape than he found it. On top of that, he's just a super nice human being! I will definitely be recommending him to friends in need of plumbing help and be calling on him in the future. Thanks Mike!